"Material Lab for perfect color-material finish (CMF) of the products designed and developed by us "


In our view, the right choice of materials and the definition of the corresponding surfaces, colors and graphics are elementary components of product development and give the products the final touch for a high value and quality impression. For this reason, we at BUSSE have built up an extensive collection of reference samples in our Material Lab, which can be evaluated and selected live in the course of the project, both visually and haptically.

Although the amount of information available on the web is constantly increasing and the quality of images, videos and descriptions is constantly improving, a haptic sample is irreplaceable and worth its weight in gold in the course of product development. You have to hold things in your hand to get a feel for their haptics and visual effect in three-dimensional space. For this reason, we at BUSSE regularly maintain and invest in our sample warehouse and in turn regularly benefit from it in the areas of product design, engineering and prototyping.

The first sample collections were started around the time the company was founded some 60 years ago. Even back then, people were aware of the importance of haptic samples to illustrate something to customers on the one hand and to stimulate or validate creative ideas on the other. Over the years, we have amassed quite a considerable collection. In order to store this collection in a clearer and more user-friendly way, this year we created a new presentation platform for these samples in the form of a custom-made cabinet unit.

The concept of the cabinet unit was designed by our development team itself and is tailored to the various types of reference samples, such as

  • Reference parts made from various materials and manufacturing processes such as rotational molding, TSG, ceramics, 2K injection molding, hydroforming, EPP, roller burnishing, progressive bonding, laminate techniques, etc.
  • Sample plates with different structures for injection molding tools according to VDI 3400 but also in laser textures
  • Metal sample plates with different grinding surfaces
  • Various paint samples, color fans and samples for marking techniques
  • Reference samples for countless standard parts such as fastening elements, sliding bushes, cable clamps, caps and much more.

A highlight are the pull-out boards, on which various samples are well sorted and clearly arranged. The shelves can be pulled out at any time and taken to the workplace or to a meeting if required. The larger components are usually stored in boxes and on the shelves.

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Bernd Heckenberger, Head of Engineering, Project Manager
Bernd Heckenberger, Head of Engineering, Project Manager
Material lab
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Material lab
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