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Multi-Analyser SF6 (3-fold)

Multi-Analyzer SF6 (3-fold)

With its innovative features and intuitive user interface, the MultiAnalyser SF6 is designed to meet the user's requirements and is ready for use immediately after being switched on. High-quality workmanship and ergonomic design underline the quality requirements for a compact and easy-to-maintain measuring device with high measuring accuracy. With this multi-function measuring device, up to six quality parameters can be determined emission-free with just one measurement.

Depending on the individually configurable device configuration, the following values can be determined:

  • SF6 volume fraction (%)
  • Moisture concentration
  • SO2 concentration (ppm)
  • HF concentration (ppm)
  • H2S concentration (ppm)
  • CO concentration (ppm)

Thanks to the easy-to-remove, integrated rechargeable battery, transportation regulations are no longer an obstacle. The field-replaceable sensors offer the great advantage that the device can be used again immediately after replacement without any downtime.

(Source: DILO, https://app.dilo.eu/de/artikel/3-038R-R301V2-B)

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Dilo Multi-Analyzer SF6
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