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The SYSTEM-KOFFER introduced in 2016 is being expanded to include further SYSTEM products for optimum, space- and time-saving storage of tools and consumables in workshops, on construction sites and in vehicles.

Almost a year after the introduction of the IF-Award-winning SYSTEM CASE and just in time for the 40th anniversary of the WÜRTH ORSY product world "Order & System", WÜRTH is expanding the multi-compatible PRODUCT SYSTEM with the following components developed together with BUSSE Design+Engineering:

Adapter plate for different case sizes and connection of the case to ORSY BULL boxes

With the new SYSTEM PLATE, different case formats can also be linked together and carried in combination. The plate also offers backwards-compatible adaptation of the SYSTEM CASE to the existing ORSY BULL boxes.

Highly flexible securing system for transportation in cars

The SYSTEM plate and the new WÜRTH tensioning tarpaulin also offer a solution for securing and transporting the new cases and the existing ORSY-BULL boxes in the car. The spike bars integrated into the SYSTEM plate provide optimum adhesion to a wide variety of trunk surfaces, so that the box tower coupled to it only needs to be lashed down with the tensioning tarpaulin. The tensioning tarpaulin also provides visual protection for the cargo. Depending on the size of the luggage compartment, several SYSTEM panels can be placed behind and next to each other to make maximum use of the space. The load securing system is just as quick and easy to remove: take out the SYSTEM panels and the trunk is free for luggage and other goods. No more expensive and time-consuming fixed installations!


Of course, there is also a trolley for the SYSTEM-KOFFER on which the various case sizes can be coupled and safely transported to the construction site - especially for long journeys on foot and a large number of heavy cases. This trolley is also backwards-compatible and carries the existing ORSY-BULL boxes safely.

Solutions for vehicle equipment and safe transportation in cars

For vehicles, there are now a number of practical interfaces for the case that make it easier and safer to equip the interior and transport to and from the construction site.

Assortment boxes

The ORSY system case is available in two basic sizes and two heights at market launch, with further heights to follow. The interior of the cases can be fitted with foam or plastic inserts and/or assortment boxes, depending on the intended use and requirements. In the long term, the system will also include containers and storage boxes as well as socket, drill and bit boxes.

And that's just the beginning! Look forward to many more SYSTEM PRODUCTS and practical SYSTEM SOLUTIONS that do one thing above all else: make everyday work easier and more practical!

Further information can be found on the new WÜRTH ORSY website:

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