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Leading agribusiness companies are joining forces to introduce closed-loop transfer system technology for European farmers.

ADAMA, BASF, Corteva Agriscience, Nufarm and Syngenta have joined forces to further improve the handling of crop protection products in Europe through the use of closed transfer systems (CTS). Together, these companies are now introducing the "easyconnect" system in selected countries to protect and support users, growers and the environment through a closed and easy-to-use, and therefore safe, system.

The easyconnect system consists of 2 components: A unique cap, which is attached to the respective container and a coupler. Together, these form a system that enables the opening, dosing and also the reclosing as well as the cleaning of the containers and all contact surfaces to be carried out in a single operation and thus as a closed system.

BASF developed this system together with corresponding development partners and tested it extensively in field tests. BUSSE was able to provide support in the mechanical design of the coupler and its functional components, as well as in the design of the handling and usability, and in the product design and prototype construction. Together with a selected series production partner, the system was then transferred to series production.

By 2021/2022, a large number of containers (industry standard IS 63) will be equipped with the standardized and pre-assembled screw cap and will be available to farmers in Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK. Other countries are to follow.

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