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The construction took the cake ...


On September 9, 2021, the BUSSE engineering department set off on its annual team-building outing. This year's motto was: first the work, then the fun.

We were delighted to be invited to visit the Baumann company and gain an insight into the various possibilities of metal processing. Baumann is one of our regular suppliers, especially when it comes to the production of sheet metal parts.

Gaining an overview on site of the new production technologies that are now available and how prototypes and series parts are manufactured in this area gives us an advantage for the optimum design of future components. Mr. Schmid, Managing Director of Baumann, gave us a tour of his production facility and invited us to enjoy buttered pretzels and drinks after the tour before we continued on our way.

The next stop was the beautiful Silbersee in Rettenbach. Here we fortified ourselves with delicious pizzas in the "Am Silbersee" restaurant and then burned off at least a few calories on the subsequent walk around the lake. After a quick group photo, we were ready for our highlight of the day in Fultenbach. There we were welcomed by Gerd and Sasha from the Bow Target team, who taught us intuitive archery that afternoon. After short dry runs on the correct stance and posture, we split into two groups and first shot at the target about 10 m away to get a feel for the bow and the trajectory of the arrows.

After a few practice shots, a daily challenge was started in which the teams had to collect as many points as possible. It would have been too easy just from the ground, so we then stood on a beer table, supporting each other, and shot from above at the small yellow circle on the target. Surprisingly, not a single arrow missed!

To really put our skills to the test, we were all equipped with bows and arrows, went into the adjacent forest and ran through the course with various 3D animals. One of the teams really took the cake: the 3D owl would have passed for a hedgehog that day ...

All in all, the archery and the whole day was a great experience, which we rounded off in the evening in the Klosterbräustuben in Oberelchingen with a monastery roast all you can eat.

Owl sculpture with arrows
Company tour
Archery in the forest
Two men doing archery
Bow and arrow