Group picture with everyone jumping into the air

Team outing for our ID team


Since the more recent community events focus on pleasure but often not so much on exchange and community, this year we decided on a classic ...

... An extended walk in the countryside - the term "hike" would be a bit of a stretch. The choice fell on the rewarding surroundings of Zwiefalten, which we explored almost without incident in four hours. Almost because after a short time, the beloved hiking boots of a colleague we didn't mention got rid of their sturdy soles and the interesting question of the interface between supposed longevity and actual stinginess arose.

The good food at the Braugasthof quickly became a minor matter and the term running gag became the buzzword of the day. The fact that the latent, subtle schadenfreude was kept within civilized limits is something that we are happy to chalk up to a team-building effect.

Group on a hike
Hiking boots
Hiking boot repaired with adhesive tape
Hiking boot repaired with adhesive tape
Group in front of the restaurant
Group at the table in the restaurant
Hiking in the forest
Hiking group standing on a bridge