Farewell to Ralf Dobbertin

Farewell to a well-deserved retirement


Yesterday, we bid farewell to another long-serving employee on his well-deserved retirement: After more than 36 years with the company, our model maker and painter Ralf Dobbertin is leaving us.

He was a true "Swiss army knife" of our model making team and a true virtuoso in creating design models. Over his long period of service, he witnessed the entire technological transformation in model making and constantly developed himself further:

From purely manual model making from foam blocks, based only on simple drawings in the 4 views, where the radii and surface spans were still defined "live" on the model ("Be careful, you can't grind anything on it anymore ...") to the fully digital model from our 5-axis milling centers and RP printers, which nevertheless still had to be finished and adapted with great attention to detail.

Countless BUSSE products have - in the truest sense of the word - passed through his hands.

Dear Ralf, we wish you all the best!

Ralf Dobbertin
Farewell to Ralf Dobbertin
Ralf Dobertin looks at his present
 Ralf Dobertin stands next to a portrait of himself
Ralf Dobbertin is eating