Scaffolding of the hall is being built

BUSSE expands its storage and production capacity with a new hall!


BUSSE expands its warehouse and production capacity by a new hall with a further 450 square meters!

On Tuesday, 08.06.2021, the Managing Director, Gabriele Busse-Kilger, and the IT & Technology contact, Ralph Rösch, took over the keys to our lightweight hall in Elchingen for BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH even before the planned completion date.

A concrete foundation (Haide) with prepared infrastructure now supports 25 tons of aluminium, steel cables, glass, doors and sectional doors. The lightweight hall (HTS tentiQ) was already planned in 2019 and was the last joint project of the management with company founder Prof. Rido Busse (deceased 12.02.2021). Unfortunately, Rido did not live to see its completion.

We are pleased about the continued positive business development, our growing team, but also about the improved infrastructure, buildings and the additional investment in modernized machinery.

With the hall, we can expand our existing 1,000 square meters of prototype construction and production by 450 square meters!

Above all, raw materials, purchased components and the buffer stock for our small series production will move into the hall, giving us space for more new machines in our production rooms. The new hall also offers space for individual assembly and model construction areas for other large customer projects, particularly in the area of vehicle construction.

The new lightweight construction hall was inaugurated on 17.06.21 as part of a joint inspection with coffee, cake and refreshing drinks.

Floor of the hall
Scaffolding of the hall
The hall is under construction
Hall from above
Employees in the hall
Ms. Busse and Mr. Timm in the hall
Group in the hall
Group in the hall
Group in the hall