VR Glasses

BUSSE takes the UX720° strategy into the third dimension


Through a combination of model making, interface design and processing this combination in Gravity Sketch, we are able to make future operating concepts tangible, assessable and changeable via virtual reality.

Product development often comes to the point where the ergonomics and usability of a product, including design aspects and feasibility, have to be evaluated. A digital operating concept can easily be tested using click dummies in usability tests. A physical product can be evaluated using design or ergonomics models. But what if both need to be evaluated, tested and improved in combination and using different concepts? A wide variety of setups could be created using model building, but the costs increase with each variant.

To get to grips with precisely this problem, we have further developed our UX720° method (user experience and industrial designers work together on product development):

If you take the example of a driver's cab, you quickly realize that there are various options for positioning control units and displays. But which arrangement is the best? By creating CAD data of a basic driver's cab, consisting of a seat and steering unit in virtual reality, a wide variety of concepts for operating interfaces, such as joysticks, displays in different sizes and orientations, hard keys or control elements can also be created and provided with digital interface design elements.

In a joint workshop, different scenarios can then be tried out using VR glasses, as all operating interfaces are tangible and movable via the 3D display.

This allows new concepts with optimal ergonomics and usability to be created. The VR glasses wearer's experience is transmitted live to all participants via a screen or projector. This saves time and complex development loops and therefore also costs.

This approach is not only feasible for vehicle cabins, but can also be applied to any product with several conceivable user interfaces.

If you are interested in a joint UX720°goes VR implementation, please contact us!

VR view
VR Interface
VR in use