We provide you with professional support for your next product innovation! Our interdisciplinary team is happy to answer your technical and aesthetical questions and to inspire you with new perspectives. We consider your requirements as most important drivers. Together we create, define or adjusted your product requirements collaboratively. With our intensive experience, we combine the competences of a variety of professional disciplines: product management, industrial design, design engineering, user interface design, use case modelling and prototyping. We work with analytic sensitivity; we use our skill of creative thinking and combine it with our natural human-centered approach. Our thinking and working approaches are characterized by target orientation, a sense for feasibility as well as usability to generate a pleasing product to secure customers` peace of mind and to exceed your expectation!

Therefore, our products are feasible from an economic point of view and provide self-explanatory human machine interfaces to fit the needs of your individual target-group.

We have routine product development processes experience and a couple of favorite methods to support your ideas come true. We start with your targets in mind and define requirements with you to realize a marketable solution. This way, we develop a product with minimal development risks for you.

Our goal is to design your next successful product and to be your sustainable partner for product development.

Safe technology
Economic manufacturing
Self-explantory ergonomics and usability
Target-group tailored and brand-shaping aesthetics

Our management:

"We offer our customers a transparent, well-structured and economical product development. The basis of our award-winning  business success are cooperative partnerships. With our interdisciplinary teams, we offer passion and enthusiasm paired with know-how. – BUSSE Design+Engineering presents compliance with highest demand on product development engineers and designers."

Our head of design:

"Professional industrial design is a mix of understanding the brand and the market, as well as considering the user needs and the revenue of the manufacturer.  Each product is a synthesis of diverse requirements of different kind: human centered, technical and economical. Thinking what is possible and implementing what is feasible characterizes a professional. Good product design conveys all product features the customer expects - functionally and ideally."

Our design team:

"We are the professionals among the designers. The focus is not only on a products look and feel, but your brand identity and target group. Only this awareness creates useful product design that meets customers` expectation. To us, feasible design means that no feature can be left nor must be added.  Hundreds of design awards tell their own tale."

Our senior engineer:

"We are far more than an engineering office:  We offer maximum project experience in product development in many different areas. Our interdisciplinary team is the perfect mix of old and young, engineers and technicians. We work autonomously, independently develop feasible solutions and implement them reliably.  We warrant professional project work, methods and transparent documentation from the very first moment."

Our project manager:

"Successful product development is only possible by clear target definition, strict project management and an interdisciplinary team– only this way can we keep the target in sight in spite of high project dynamics.  We face the responsibility given to us. We are your contact in all content- and organizational matters of product development, product design, interface design and engineering to mass production. Together with you, we will analyze the specific requirements and their influences on each other when the project starts.  Then we phrase clear concept approaches for best product success. In the further course, we document the development results in detail in narrow reviews and coordinate the influences and risks of the insights gained with you."

Our user interface designers:

"Products are becoming more and more intelligent– this requires corresponding adjustment and design of operating interfaces. The interaction between man and machine or man and product is growing more and more important. We design intuitive, contemporary interfaces with your products. True product quality is created in daily use. The most self-explanatory and aesthetically designed interface design is important here. We believe that it contains far more than the pure graphic user interface design and design of icons and symbols. Instead, it requires a sensibility for the entire interaction, logical structure and optimization of user guidance and usability. For us in product development, we see a strong connection between product and thought-through interface design, the technical draft and implementation and its product success in the targeted market."

Our design engineer:

"True innovators` spirit is required at BUSSE. Diverse projects and its sophisticated challenges and problems want to be solved. Our interdisciplinary knowhow is an ideal playing ground to develop future products and technical solutions.
Especially our internal team cooperation with expertise in product design, ergonomics and interface design enables us to consider the most pressing contents early on in the product development and engineering phase. The BUSSE internal possibility of prototyping enables us to check and test and validate our solution and CAD concept directly. This helps us gaining important insights for the best possible solution."

Our head of prototyping department:

"In spite of state-of-the-art CAD-technology and the diverse communication media and tools: nothing beats the approach of a real three-dimensional understanding of a project status in product development, a prototype. We offer diverse options to prototype on a production area of 1,000 m²– CNC machine to paint shop. This way, we can determine proportions, forms, ergonomics and features based on models to essentially contribute to improve product quality and proof concept. Direct dialogues and eye contact in the interdisciplinary team within our company helps us being aware of diverse requirements and mass production relevant items early on – such as assembly, production processes, automation and further services. In dedicated production projects, we focus on material flow and quality management."

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