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From Industrial design to interface design to engineering to prototyping and small-batch production, everything is under a single roof and from a single source.

Having creative ideas is one thing, putting these ideas into practice in a market-compatible product is another. Only a development partner who understands the processes and tasks of your company from can deliver brilliant results. Whether it is a complete product development, or you are after a partial product development service: BUSSE is better.  

Target project management

Ideation & Innovation

Workshops & Consultation

Ideation workshops

Product / concept ideation

First concept mock-ups

Strategy development


Business Cases


Product design &ideation
CAD-Design-data & freeform surfaces
Product graphics
Product ergonomics & user interface design
Product design styleguides

Augmented Reality

High-End Renderings

UI / UX Design

Usability Consulting
User Experience
Usability Engineering
Testing & Click Dummys
Screendesign & Icon Design


Product engineering

Development of functions

Freeform surfaces CAD

Optimization of parts

Value engineering

Testing & validation

Support during tool making


Proof of concept

Design models


Small series

Virtual prototypes

Further Services

By strategic partners

Electronics development

Electronics manufacturing

Software development

Approval management


FEA simulation & calculation

Target project management

As an extended service supplier, we undertake partial tasks of your project, as well as complete product development projects under our own responsibility.

Intelligent networking

Depending on the project, we can combine all disciplines of product development with each other: industrial design, interface design, engineering, prototyping or small batch production.

Ideation & Innovation

In the light of increasingly complex requirements you need to be one step ahead of competition. We will support you in the development of innovative products with workshops, consulting and concept studies.  We not only contribute to finding ideas, but also help you define and balance your developmental objectives.

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Product design, industrial design designmanagement & corporate design

We give your products a target-group compatible and brand-characterising design that increases your product's value and your brand's presence. To us, brand design is the key. By creating significant design features, we give your products identity and character. We do not consider industrial design to be product cosmetics, but a value-creating factor in the systematic process of product development. Your success in the market is our goal. 

Productdesign Designmanagement

UI / UX Design

The interface between product and user is decisive in the perceived product quality. Whether the user is happy with the product or not depends closely on its ease of operation. The interface designer is important here: their task is to ensure user-compatibility and make the operation of the device intuitive. In close cooperation with your software programmers, we develop and structure menu architectures, optimise user interface hardware and design coherent symbols.

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Our engineers will support you in the development of technical concepts, technical realisation and part design. We solve kinematic and mechanical problems for functional prototypes as well as for mass production. We can fully carry out the development process on time, on cost, on specification. Our services range from classical industrial design to optimisation and detailing to research and coordination of suppliers and manufacturers. The C.A.D systems we currently use ProEngineering and Solid Works.

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Our prototyping manufacturing options range from hand crafted functional models to complex technical prototypes. We combine our internal workshop capacity with a floor span of 1000m2 with selected external partners. This way, you can achieve a perfect time effective result from a single source. In addition to proof of principle models and prototypes, we can also produce complete small series production or batch production in classic contracted work. You can profit from our experience in product development, our quality management and our ISO 9001 certification.

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Sustainable Development

We see potential for sustainable developments from the eco-balancing at the beginning in the kick-off and the first conception phase as well as the component optimisation in the design up to the selection of suppliers and ecologically sensible materials and production methods. An equally important topic are our tools and methods that we are already using today and want to adapt or extend them under sustainable aspects.

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Medical Product Development

We look at the development of your products from both hardware and software perspectives. That's why we have taken the Human Centered Design Process further and literally go twice around a product in development: with the user-oriented view of a UI / UX designer and from the three-dimensional functional view of the industrial designer and engineer.

The basis for the development of medical products according to IEC 62366 is the human-centred design process from DIN 9241, which has been an integral part of the development process at BUSSE for many years. For good usability, it is important that users can achieve their goals effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily while using a product. But what is often forgotten in medical technology is the user experience, which considers the areas before and after use. Application errors can be avoided by good design.

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Further Services

Additional activities relevant for product development, e.g. electronics, software and approvals can be coordinated with our long-term strategic partners.


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