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We consider industrial design to be more than just aesthetics. We do not just design a product and its aesthetics, but we also develop its usability and define consistent product design style guides, brand features and your corporate and brand identity. BUSSE combines intersectoral experiences in both

national and international markets and own inhouse-competencies in regard to manufacturability and technical feasibility. This creates the prerequisites for decades of global success even in the most demanding markets.



We develop an industrial design precisely aligned with the needs and positioning of your brand and products.

In cooperation with you, we develop the criteria for success for your design projects – and a design according to mutually defined associations and the current and future international design styles. By this we will achieve to exactly adress your target group and to generate a strategic differentiation to your competition.

bausch + lomb

BAUSCH + LOMB Excimer Laser Teneo 317

The modern and compact surgical center for eye surgery. Thoughtful design makes the treatment arm look slim and more reassuring to the patient.



ExactCut is a compact, precision-cutting laser system for processing thin and thick metals and alloys, as well as brittle materials like sapphire, PCD, and ceramics. 



ZIEGLER presents the new royal class of airfield fire fighting vehicles and convinces with unprecedented acceleration values, the most powerful traction motor on the market and an extremely spacious cabin.

DARDA GmbH manufactures low-noise yet powerful concrete clamps.

Robust, more robust, DARDA concrete tongs

To match BROKK's demolition robots, its subsidiary DARDA GmbH manufactures low-noise yet powerful concrete clamps for mini-excavators from 2.5 to the 9-ton class.


Strong brands need strong partners

Many companies trust in the cooperation with BUSSE Design+Engineering.
Let the countless success stories convince you too.

In order to give your products a high recognition value and a great design quality, we design them down to the last detail.


In order to give your products a high recognition value and a great design quality, we design them down to the last detail, taking into account the design aspects: Contour, color, shape, graphics, material, surface and finishing.

A high level of detail creates value. Therefore, the coordination between long-distance and close-up effects is an important part of our design development.


We continuously scout the latest design trends and international influences on product aesthetics so that your products are also successful internationally!


We continuously scout the latest design trends and international influences on product aesthetics so that your products are also successful internationally!

Become a customer and learn more about the current international design trends as well as the design-relevant megatrends.



Be agil, flexible and dynamic but never loose the initial focus! Our concept ideas base on a structured analysis and a clearly defined design strategy, always reflecting your general project plan and the technical framework.

We start all projects with a mutual kick-off workshop, in which the strategic position of the product and the technical package is defined. After that we evolve in transparent project steps from first ideation into detailled designs. In CAD we can generate complex reference-freeform-surfaces and can aesthetically support the subsequent serial engineering process either executed by your or our internal team. During this process we always stay agil and flexible to react to findings made in regard of technics and/or the market, but always keep in focus the initial goals in regard to market entry, costs and timing.

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Virtual prototypes with augmented reality

Virtual prototypes with augmented reality

With AR visualizations, BUSSE now also offers the possibility of using virtual 3D prototypes in the development process and in series production as a marketing tool to support sales and decision-making. Augmented reality makes products almost within reach even before conventional model construction - in addition, different colors and features can be displayed and projected directly into the later environment.

Augmented Reality (AR) stands for the extension of reality with digital information. State-of-the-art end devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart glasses combine the real world with digital content. This is made possible by advanced camera technologies and artificial intelligence, which is used to measure the environment. After this analysis, virtual objects can be inserted into the viewer's digital environment in their original size.

The special thing about digital prototypes: AR represents the products in their original size and in the respective usage environment. Colors and material appearance as well as light and shadow effects matched to the environment ensure that the virtual design models can be integrated as if they were within reach.

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Test AR models

Test AR models now!

Communal Robots >

Unic Dog Box >

Companies can use virtual prototypes during the complete product development to get a fast and realistic representation.

With virtual models, coordination and decisions can sometimes be made much faster than with a physical prototype, since less effort is required to create them.

Of course, a virtual prototype does not completely replace the physical prototype. For example, although the design and size can be assessed very well with the virtual representation, AR cannot yet keep up with real prototypes in terms of haptics or ergonomics.

In order to bring a mature product to market, the conventional prototype is still indispensable. However, digital visualization in the context of the environment is an efficient and valuable addition to product development.

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